The Journey to Pure Joy!

A love story at it’s heart, Pure Joy was built by us, Jordan and Gio on our adventure to fill our lives and those around us with Pure Joy. With a lifetime of passion for staying fit, fuelling our bodies with wholesome food, and staying healthy and happy in every possible way, we uncovered the world of functional mushrooms.

How did we get here?

Gio calls Italy home while I reside in the UK. With time being so precious, we had to find ways to make every second count, whether we were together or apart. The long days, endless travel between our countries, and the stress of full-time careers lead to burnout and exhaustion. Our hectic lives were starting to take their toll.

Then, one day, we met an old friend who had undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to functional mushrooms. He spoke of a 'true rebirth,' and after a few intense hours of conversation, we realised my calling in life had arrived. We decided to try these mushrooms, and the results were astounding. Our energy levels skyrocketed, our enthusiasm, focus, and lust for life were back in full force, and we could function at our best.

Finding Functional Mushrooms

That's when we knew we had to share our experience. We founded Pure Joy Mushrooms to spread the word about these incredible healers and to help others discover the pure joy they can bring. We are so excited to be on this journey and hope you'll join us in exploring the incredible potential of these little wonders of nature.

We invite you to support us in our mission. Together, let's spread the word about the fantastic benefits of functional mushrooms and bring pure joy into everyone's lives!

Join the Pure Joy lifestyle today.

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